If you know me from Instagram you know me as Tall Glass of Blonde. In a nutshell that's exactly what I am.

Your tall friend showing you all go to for business advice, content creation, funny mom stories, a beverage obsession, and a breath of unique in a trendy world.


I'm an enneagram 7 by the books, feeling FOMO like it's an actual emotion, being annoyingly positive all the time, writing lists so my scattered brain doesn't move too quickly, and living life a little on the romantic side. 

I started my entrepreneur mindset a few years ago when my husband first bought me a camera. I had just had 2 kids under two years old and I was busy in being just mom. Don't get me wrong, I love being a mom. But at that point in life I needed my busy to flip. 

So, this camera quickly prompted the idea of being able to work from home, sparking my creativity and loving the entrepreneur -lifestyle. I dug deep into YouTube videos, editing courses, and even snapped a few sessions there in the beginning. It didn't hit the nail on the head, but I knew I was heading in the right direction. Fast forward to a conversation about opening a boutique and a storefront later, I co-own a cute little boutique in Downtown Lafayette. This boutique sparked much more than photography ever would and that is my love for business owners themselves. The connections through my small community had quickly become something I valued and I wanted to do more. Do more for growing businesses, more for my personal brand. 

Being in the small business realm for the past few years has taught me that the most important thing in your business is YOU! So, I decided to go a step further in my favorite part of small business and begin creating content on the side. It has continued to fulfill my passion for photography and allow me to work with and meet  some of the most passionate, creative entrepreneurs out there. 

While being a part-time business owner and also a creator, my full time job is still being a mother. I value that I can do what I love while also giving my kids the flexibility that I value in staying home. I never in my life wanted to be a "mommy blogger" but I've found that being a mom brings out the parts in me that I love the most. It brings out the real and the relatable parts of life. All of these pieces make me ME and I enjoy sharing bits of them with you. 

I've always been such an "idea girl". I'm sure my husband has heard the sentence "I have an idea!" more times than he'd ever care to count. My parents probably even more than that. I love to grab onto something and run like the wind with it. Hence the blossom of content creation. Implementing my own ideas and concepts into each unique brand and business I work with. No one can duplicate me, and no one can duplicate you. That's why I love the push of the creative community. 

I want to be your voice of encouragement on the days that your ideas seem to overwhelm you, your space for clarity when narrowing down your goals, and a refreshing reminder that we are all human. 

May you always leave this space a little more inspired than when you arrived.





When parts of business seem overwhelming, the number one thing that can take the back burner is the creation of content. The photos you take, the behind the scenes videos, sharing your process.

All can seem worthless or like too much to take on.

When hiring a content creator to work with your business you are hiring an expert.

Someone that knows the correct photography your business needs can turn that into content for your website, social channels, launches, and profiles. Adding video content to your social channels offers entertainment for your audience and customers, allowing them to connect with you on a relatable level.